Александр Киреев (kireev) wrote,
Александр Киреев

Born into a point of view

Хорошо сказано о Саре Пэйлин (причем, консерватором), хотя и далеко не только о ней, чем мне эта фраза и запомнилась:

"She was hungry, loved politics, had charm and energy, loved walking onto the stage, waving and doing the stump speech. All good. But she was not thoughtful. She was a gifted retail politician who displayed the disadvantages of being born into a point of view (in her case a form of conservatism; elsewhere and in other circumstances, it could have been a form of liberalism) and swallowing it whole: She never learned how the other sides think, or why." 

via iefimov 
Tags: Пэйлин

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